A portion of every day is conducted in Spanish in each and every grade.  Exposure to a second language at an early age benefits both cognitive and social development.  Children learn to see another’s point of view and children who have been exposed to a second language at an early age outperform their peers in both math and science.


For the three year old class, we combine both developmental and academic activities and experiences. The student teacher ratio is very low to ensure individual attention as well as creative and joyful experiences for your children.

The three-year-old classroom has more clearly defined learning areas such as block play, dramatic play, art, manipulatives, math, science, and language arts. The curriculum is infused with language-rich activities and students have the opportunity to engage with the written and spoken word throughout the day. Students have opportunities to guide their own activity choices as well as participate in more structured time led by a teacher.

Children participate daily in story time, learning about Jewish holidays, cultural enrichment, music and movement, and small group activities. Students gain specific skills such as number recognition, matching, measurements, letter recognition, and other pre-academic skills.

We expose the children to the Alphabet and Aleph-Bet so that they begin to familiarize themselves with letters and sounds. All the learning is through exciting activities to foster a lifelong love for academics.

In our outdoor play area the children can enjoy large muscle movement activities. We have art, science, and sensory tables, in addition to, bicycles, balls, and climbing equipment.